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   William E. Asher  
      Senior Oceanographer  
      AIRS Department  
      Applied Physics Laboratory  
      University of Washington  

   (U.S. Geological Survey)  

   National Water Quality  
   Assessment Program  

Two models have been developed under this project. The first is LakeVOC, which predicts the change in concentration of a volatile organic compound (VOC) in both the epilimnion and hypolimnion of lakes and reservoirs in response to changes in source input and environmental parameters. The second model is StreamVOC, which calculates source apportionment for a particular VOC in a river or stream with multiple discrete and distributed source regions.

Our objective is to develop a set of models for predicting how changes in sources and environmental conditions will affect surface water concentrations of volatile organic compounds. These models are designed to allow regulators to easily study the effects of policy, planning, mitigation, and operational strategies on achieving national water quality requirements.