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Marine and Hydrokinetic (MHK) Energy Advancement for Naval Facilities

APL-UW and NNMREC, the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, are seeking partners interested in producing wave or current energy converters and associated component technologies that could be tested in laboratory or field facilities. While responses from government or academic institutions will be accepted, the primary intent is to identify commercial partners with technologies of interest.

The overarching goal is to identify and advance MHK technologies that are viable for use at naval facilities. These technologies should be available (or have the ability to become readily available) as commercial products or services. Systems and components will be integrated, as necessary and possible, with existing prototype converters and test facilities to maximize the value from evaluation. Performance of the technology will be evaluated during experimental trials and the utility of component technologies will be demonstrated to the US Navy.

RFI Purpose


This RFI pertains to a potential collaboration between your company and APL-UW/NNMREC as part of the Navy MHK initiative. We intend to provide funding to technology developers in an effort to evaluate and demonstrate the value of a variety of component technologies. Responses to this RFI will be used to determine your interest and eligibility in responding to a request for proposal (RFP) or request for quote (RFQ).

Responses will be evaluated for a subsequent RFP or RFQ. From the RFP or RFQ we anticipate 3–4 awards up to $150,000. No cost-sharing is required from industry partners. Projects will run from summer of 2016 to summer of 2017.

29 April 2016 — RFI submissions DUE

31 May 2016 — RFP or RFQ sent to selected RFI responders

Spring 2016 — Final partners chosen for collaborative projects and awards issued

Summer 2016 — Start of collaborative projects

Summer 2017 — Conclusion of collaborative projects

How to Respond


To respond to this RFI, please provide a 2–3 page summary of your proposed collaborative project, service, or product. Responses should answer the following:

What is the collaborative project proposed?

What is the estimated cost and timeline?

How does this benefit your company?

How does this benefit the NAVFAC research initiative?

Are there any particular IP restrictions?

Have you participated in any similar or relevant university collaborations?

Responses must include a cover page containing the following information:

Proposing institution (name, address, webpage)

Proposer's main products/services

Proposer's market/customers

Number of years on the market

Number of employees

Contact person responsible for RFI

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